Pakeysoft RAR Password Recovery 3.0
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Pakeysoft RAR Password Recovery 3.0

This brute-force attack utility finds passwords you used to encrypt RAR files
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Pakeysoft RAR Password Recovery is a utility that recovers lost or forgotten passwords by using the brute-force attack. It works exclusively with RAR archives created with WinRAR.
A brute-force attack is a method of searching for the right password by trying every possible combination of words, letters and characters until a match is found. This requires a lot of processing power and a huge amount of time if the password is complicated and/or long. If the password is very strong, with a normal CPU it’s practically impossible to find the right key (the process would need a few months or even years). That’s why the brute-force attack can be fine tuned. This application allows for such tweaking by using masks, or dictionaries. These can be used in case you remember some part of your password. Here’s an example: you know that your password is eight characters long, they’re all lowercase and it begins with “c”. You can instruct the program to try only eight character combinations, all beginning with the letter “c” thus considerably reducing the amount of time needed to find the right password.

This utility is really good, has everything it needs, works fast, uses all of the available CPU power and it passed my personal test (found a three letter password – screenshot attached in this review).

The trial version will search for passwords that are no longer than three characters but that’s enough to give you a good idea about its capabilities.

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Alexandru Andrei
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  • Uses all available CPU power and cores
  • Full support for masks and dictionaries
  • Supports custom dictionaries
  • Can save and continue brute-force attack sessions


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